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Surgical Oncology

A Surgical Oncologist specializes in the treatment of people diagnosed with cancer.

The Surgical Oncologists at Physicians Surgery Center of Chandler provide help to their patients by removing cancerous tumors and surrounding affected tissue.

Different types of surgery are used depending on the type of cancer, where it is located, and the goals of surgery. Some types are also less invasive and have a shorter recovery time.

In many situations, surgery can be performed through one or more small incisions (minimally invasive surgical procedures), which typically results in shorter recovery times and less pain afterwards.


Specialty Doctors

Mark Runfola, MD, FACS

Physicians Surgery Center of Chandler
covers Maricopa County, Arizona,

Surgery Specialties


Anoop Sharma, MD
Douglas Griffin, DPM
James Reidy, DO
Larry Damore, MD
Lauren Byrne, MD
Mark Runfola, MD, FACS
Maulik Shah, MD
Niteen Andalkar, MD
Pratik Patel, MD
Scott Maling, DPM